Go For A Walk

I got back from New York City a couple weeks ago and was definitely feeling the post-vacation blues. There were so many new things to explore and capture that I felt the beginnings of a creative funk once I returned to New Orleans.

Ironically, a few days later I came across an article on The Huffington Post entitled "14 Ways To Bust Out Of A Creativity Rut." At first I thought maybe this was just another advice column that I would read but not actually act on, but for some reason I felt a strong inclination to click it. I am glad I did.

This article was very applicable to how I was feeling and gave excellent ways to work through a creative roadblock. I started with the first idea, which was go for a walk. Something so simple and easy really helped me notice my surroundings again and feel inspired. 

Here are some of the photographs, shot with both my Nikon and iPhone, that I captured during a couple of my walks this past week. Not only did I notice things around my neighborhood I never had before, but I also learned new editing tools to make them a little extra special.