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Photography is always something I have been passionately curious about, but it wasn't until I was hired for my first job that the "why" finally clicked. It was truly an honor to play a role in such a big chapter of someone's life. Since then, I continue to feel an enormous sense of personal satisfaction from giving my clients memories they can look back on, cherish and relive. This is an integral part of why I am a photographer. 

Making my clients feel as special and comfortable as possible during our time together is key, because then the entire process becomes effortless. My vision is to capture sentiments in their most natural form, and edit them in a way that is romantic and pure. I believe the most important element to a photograph is emotion. The more emotional the shot is, the greater connection we feel to it. I have always lived my life with the mindset that honesty is beautiful, and I deliver just that. Honest moments that those who trust me to document their milestones feel beautiful in. 

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