I am a New Orleans transplant by the way of New York, and I have been in love with photography since the day I pressed a shutter button. The “why” finally clicked when I was was hired by my first client. Something took over me when I went behind my camera, and in the best possible way.

I love capturing beautiful moments, and turning them into beautiful memories. This is an integral part of why I am a photographer. I love candid moments because I want everyone’s personality to shine through. I know it isn’t always easy being in front of a camera, so making my clients feel as comfortable as possible during our time together is key. That way, the entire process becomes effortless. I am there to guide you through posing, make you laugh, and at times make you feel like I am not even there! That is because in that moment it is all about you and/or your loved one.

I believe the most important element to a photograph is emotion. The more emotional the shot is, the greater connection we feel to it. I have always lived my life with the mindset that honesty is beautiful, and I deliver just that. Honest moments that those who trust me to document their milestones feel beautiful in. 

{Available for travel worldwide}